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SoCal Transportation is the logistics arm for SoCal Farms. Using state of the art tracking technology we ship hemp extracts all mainland US states. SoCal Transportation exists as an individual entity and is ready to take any and all kinds of hemp extract orders. 

Our fleet of 20 trucks is run by John Hemme. John's family has been running shipping operations in California for over 55 years. They have a network of super reliable partners and only hire the most dependable, trustworthy drivers.

Contact SoCal transportation today to see just how easy it is to get hemp extracts delivered on time and in perfect quality and consistency.


CARB Member

We are a proud member of the California Air Resource Board. Carb ensures we follow standards that aim to curb pollution and make trucking and transportation as clean as possible. We're continuing to work with CARB in improving our trucking practices to be good to the earth.


ClearPath GPS

SoCal Transportation uses ClearPath GPS to monitor its drivers and give delivery estimations. With real-time driver accountability and up to the minute road conditions we can be sure that your delivery will make it on time and in perfect condition.

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NMFTA Certified

For our betterment and education, we are members of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. As well as safeguarding us and our employees, the NMFTA gives us training on safety standards, reliable business practices, and helps us stay consistent.


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