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About SoCal Farms

This is what we do best

SoCal Farms is dedicated to bringing years of proven industry experience to the growing Hemp Extract market. It comprises of a partnership between 4 industry professionals who have found tremendous success in their own fields.

SoCal Farms is located in the Antelope Valley, California which has the perfect climate for the cultivation of hemp products. Considerable time and attention has been paid to understanding the science and business behind CBD. From carefully choosing trusted suppliers to perfecting extraction methods, SoCal Farms is prepared to take the hemp industry to a whole new level of professionalism and quality.


Company Mission

Consistency Without Compromise

Hemp may be a new market, but we’ve been doing agriculture for a long time. Like other industrial agriculture products, we understand that to remain competitive brands need a reliable and consistent source for their product.

SoCal Farm’s mission is to create a dependable, vertically integrated network to deliver consistent quality hemp extracts to suppliers and brands. We handle farming, extraction, and transportation while employing blockchain technology to ensure complete accuracy and build trust.

We're applying tried and tested business practices to a new and exciting market.


How SoCal Farms Began

The 3 founders

In 2018 Donald Collins saw a gap in the market as hemp product brands and customers were complaining about inconsistent orders. Along with 5 other local industry leaders he sought to develop a system for cultivating and delivering hemp using the practices that has made him a success in his field.

The Antelope Valley, where SoCal farms is located, provides the perfect conditions for hemp cultivation and a path forward for farmers who were being squeezed by tight water adjudication. We enjoy local government support, an ideal climate, and virtually unlimited land resources. 

SoCal Farms has strived to work with the best people in delivering a consistent and reliable product. 

MOU With Local College

Antelope Valley Community College has a research and development program specifically for hemp. Our collaboration with college grants SoCal farms an MOU (memorandum of understanding) status allowing us to work federally as well as statewide. We're proud to be working with these students to discover and learn practical uses for the hemp plant. 


Vertical Inegration & Proximity

Because the 4 founders have all built successful businesses in the same county of California, vertical integration is much easier. The farming, logistics, and extraction are all headquartered within 30 miles of each other. This cuts time and increases the capacity for growth.


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